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csgo clan tag changer

CS:GO clan tag changer guide

The CS:GO clan tag is the piece of text that goes before your name on the scoreboard, the killfeed, and other areas of the game. People will often set clan tag to a team them and their friends belong to, their favorite pro team, or other groups. It’s very easy to enable yours and in this we’ll show you how to make a CS:GO clan tag. It is possible to do via the console with console commands, but it’s much easier through the game settings.

Step 1: Make a steam group for how to add a clan tag to your CS:GO profile

To get a clan tag next to your name in game, you will first need to make a steam group, which is where you will set what your clan tag will be. Doing this is simple, and easy to set up.

Go onto your Steam client home page, and hover over your steam name at the top of the bar to show a drop-down menu and click on the Groups option. Right at the top, underneath your Steam avatar, there’s the option to create a new group. Click on this, and fill in the boxes. Check the image below for a breakdown of what the boxes mean, and which one is the text of your clan tag. Make sure you put the text that you want your clan tag to be in the Abbreviation box.

csgo add clan tag

If your clan tag is already taken when you put it into the abbreviation box, you will need to choose a different one or alter the spelling.

Step 2: How to use the group to add a clan tag by your name

Once your group is set up, add any friends that want to be able to use the same clan tag to the group. To see the tag in game, open up CS:GO and press Options at the top of the home page, then choose Game Settings from the drop down menu. Scroll down a little to see a sub-section Team Options. On the option Team Tag (from steam groups), choose from the drop down menu the clan tag you want to use in your CS matches.

Now just hit back and the next game you play you’ll be able to see your clan tag. If you’re a CS:GO clan tag changer – someone who changes clan tags most games – then just make sure you’re in a separate group for each tag you want, and use the game settings mentioned in the paragraph above to select your clan tag of choice from the dropdown menu whenever you want to change.

Image credits: Screengrab via Valve