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When is the next CS:GO Major?

When is the next CS:GO Major in 2018? Dates, location, streams and more

Everyone who loves competitive CS:GO loves to follow the Majors. They’re where the competition is fiercest and the truly elite players of the world clash together for a prize pool of $1 million. This can have a lot of people asking when is CS:GO’s next major, what are the dates, and where can I watch it. This article is here to help with that question.

The next Valve-sponsored Major: FACEIT London Major

The next Major to take place in CS:GO is the FACEIT London Major in September. This event will take place in London, UK from 5 September – 23 September 2018.

The way the FACEIT Major will be split up is that the New Challengers Stage, which used to be the Main Qualifier, will take place from 5-9 September. This will include the 8 teams that placed top 2 in each of the Minor tournaments, as well as the bottom 8 teams from the last major, ELEAGUE Boston 2018.

After the New Challengers Stage will come the New Legends Stage from 12-16 September. This was previously known as the group stage of the Major. This will feature the top 8 teams that make it out of the New Challengers Stage, as well as the top 8 teams from the ELEAGUE Major Boston tournament. The New Legends Stage will utilize the Bucholz system for the first time ever in a CS:GO Major.

Next will come the grand finale: The New Champions Stage. This used to be called the Major Playoffs, and will run from 20-23 September live from the SSE Arena in London to finish off the tourney. This will stage will feature the 8 teams who made it out of the New Legends Stage, and will crown one of these teams as CS:GO Major champions on 23 September, championship Sunday. The winner will receive $500,000.

We hope this has given you all the information you need regarding when the next CS:GO Major is. After the FACEIT London Major 2018 will be IEM Katowice 2019, hosted by ESL in Poland.

You can watch all of the Major action on FACEIT’s YouTube channel and their Twitch channel.

Image credit: Valve