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All about Ark IDs – the Ark: Survival Evolved IDs and Coordinates Database

Ark IDs is the fastest and most advanced item ID and creature ID database currently on the web. It has many useful, unique features and stores over 1,500 different IDs and coordinates for the Ark: Survival Evolved game and its many DLCs: including Aberration and Scorched Earth. You might be wondering.. what is in the ID lists? We have further explained below.

Ark Item IDs

Included in the Ark IDs database is over 900 (yes, you read that correctly) unique and updated item IDs and item GFI codes. Not only does the item ID list contain hundreds of item ID numbers, but it also provides easily copyable admin commands for Ark servers. On item information pages, for example the Pteranodon Saddle, information including the item ID, item blueprint, item class name and item type is provided. All available instantly to you with the click of the “Copy to Clipboard” button.

Ark Creature and Entity IDs

The Ark IDs website not only provides a list of over 900 item IDs, but a list of 226 creatures (fully updated for all DLCs) is available. If you are looking for the entity ID of a creature in Ark, or the admin spawn command, the place to be is the Ark Creature ID List. Not only are simple admin spawn commands available, but advanced spawn dino commands can be used to spawn creatures like wyverns using the advanced spawn command builder accepting four parameters – spawn distance, x offset, y offet and the creature level. The list can also be sorted by type, for example by dino and on the creature information pages the following information is provided: creature blueprint path, entity ID, creature name tag, creature type and the admin cheat to simply spawn the creature into the game via the console.

Ark Location Finder

Ark IDs not only provides two lists of useful IDs for creatures and items, but it also provides a list of GPS and teleport coordinates for dossiers and every other type under the sun – view them all here. Locations can be sorted by DLC too, so you can filter locations based on their map. There are also explorer note’s locations available so that you can quicky locate and collect them all to obtain the experience bonus and boost (x2).

We hope this article has informed you of a useful tool that should come in handy if, like many other CS:GO players, you also play the Ark:Survival Evolved game.