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How to bind mousewheel to jump in CS:GO

Much like how some people love to brag about how they have an android phone, you probably know someone who brags about having their CS:GO jump bound to their scroll wheel and tries to convince you to do so, too. They’ll go on about how using the mouse wheel to jump is a much more efficient way to jump in CS:GO, and especially helps with b hopping (this part is actually true, to be honest). Here is how to bind mousewheel to jump.

CS:GO bind jump to mouse wheel

To change the way you jump from the space bar to the mouse wheel, first open up your CS:GO console. There’s a variety of different console commands you can use depending on your preference and how you want the mouse wheel jump bind to be triggered.

  • If you’d like mouse wheel down and up to make you jump, paste the command below into your console.

  • If you only want to jump when you scroll down, copy the command in the box into your console.

  • If it’s the other way around, and you want to scroll up on your mouse wheel to jump, then the command below is for you.

  • If you’re an old school player from before CS:GO and want to bind jump to both directions of your scroll wheel AND the space bar, then you’ll need this command:

These are variations that you can use around CS:GO scroll jump binds. While it will feel weird to begin with if you’re not used to using the scroll wheel to jump, you’ll soon become accustomed to it and it may even enable you to land that b hop you spend all of warm-up trying to hit.

Image credits: Screengrab via Valve