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How to get Prime in CS:GO

It’s a well-known issue that CS:GO matchmaking can be riddled with cheaters, making your games unfair and just not fun. CS:GO Prime is a partial remedy to this, as it allows you to queue exclusively with other people who chose to get CS:GO Prime activated, and are less likely to be cheaters. Here is how to get Prime CS:GO, and what its benefits are.

What is CS:GO Prime?

Prime CS:GO is something you can add to your account only if you have a rank of at least 21. If you don’t, then sadly you can’t enable Prime just yet. Having Prime allows you to you queue with other members of the community who have enabled Prime. This is a good thing because Prime needs your phone number from you to confirm this is your main account; you are unable to link the same number to multiple accounts. This prevents people who cheat on one account and then just buy another one when they’re caught to continue ruining your matchmaking.

It doesn’t eradicate cheaters entirely, granted, but it will reduce them for you and is a good addition to the game. It will make you more likely to get matched up with honest players like yourself and is certainly worth getting Prime if you can.

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How to get Prime in CS:GO

If you are level 21, it’s very simple. All you need to do is go onto the CS:GO homepage and above where you see your player card (with your steam picture, your matchmaking rank, and how many wins you have) there will be a box about Prime matchmaking and a button to press saying “More Info”.

Click on this button and you will be guided through how to get Prime in CS:GO, where it will ask you for your phone number. Simply confirm from the instructions they’ll provide that you own the phone number and you will have completed how to get CS:GO Prime account!

How to play Prime-only matchmaking

Once you have CS:GO Prime, how to queue with other Prime members is simple. When you go to queue a game of matchmaking, in the bottom of the map selection there is a button to toggle between searching for Prime matchmaking. Press this until it says it will exclusively search for Prime games. You can refer to the image below for where this is. If you choose the Prime option when playing with friends who aren’t Prime, it won’t work.

How to get prime in CS:GO

Image credits: Screenshots from Valve