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CS:GO Viewmodels - How to optimize to your best viewmodel

How to change and optimize your CS:GO viewmodel

Understanding and finding your perfect CS:GO viewmodel is imperative to reach your best in the game. Just like finding the right sensitivity and crosshair, finding your best viewmodel in Counter-Strike will boost your level of play considerably as well as make playing and aiming feel much more comfortable.

What is your viewmodel?

Your viewmodel in CS:GO dictates, in simple terms, where your gun is on your screen. It’s similar to your field of view (FOV) in that it can change quite dramatically what your loadout can look like, but where field of view is how zoomed in or out you are, viewmodel is where your gun is positioned.

People find having the perfect CS:GO viewmodel can considerably improve their aim, so it’s definitely something to play around with and adjust until you find the viewmodel that works for you.

How do you change your viewmodel in CS:GO?

Like many customizations in CS:GO, adjusting your viewmodel is done by inputting commands into your developer’s console.> There are multiple different commands for your viewmodel which we’ll list below for you to find the right balance for.

  • viewmodel_fov – this is the field of view attached to your viewmodel
  • viewmodel_offset_x – this command alters where your weapon sits on the x axis (how far left or right on your screen it is)
  • viewmodel_offset_y – this command is the same as above, just for the y axis
  • viewmodel_offset_z – keep this on -2, or all kinds of crazy will happen to your viewmode

These are the main viewmodel commands that you should change. Below you can find our favorite viewmodel settings as a guideline and then adjust those to see what fits you and your setup.

The best viewmodel for CSGO

Whilst everyone will have their own preference, here is the viewmodel settings we use. Remember to play around with some options of your own to see what feels right for you! We’ll include some screenshots below which demonstrate just what changing your viewmodel does.

You can copy this into your console.

Screenshot examples

Here you can see some of how your viewmodel is altered with this side-by-side comparison.

CS:GO Viewmodel comparison

Image credit: Valve