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CSGO How to get unlimited smoke grenades

Unlimited smokes and other grenades in CS:GO

In order to practise grenades, smokes in particular, effectively, you’ll need to use a CS:GO unlimited smokes command otherwise you won’t be able to throw more than one each round. This is an easy enough console command to set up and will provide you with infinite smoke grenades to throw in offline servers until you nail that tricky window smoke on Mirage, or whatever else you’re polishing. Here is our simple guide on how to get unlimited smokes, and grenades in general.

CS:GO unlimited smoke command

All you need to do to get yourself endless smokes or other nades to mess around with or to practise nade throws is use this console command below. First of all, open up your console. Next, just copy the block of text below into your console while you’re in a CS:GO private server to be able to use unlimited smokes.

You must be in a private server to use infinite grenades because it requires sv_cheats to be on, which can’t be used in matchmaking otherwise all your matches would be ruined by the smoke cheat.

The command in the box also includes console commands that will show you the path your smoke travelled, allow you to buy anywhere on the map, and will give you unlimited money.

Another console command that is useful for practising smokes is how to bind noclip. This will allow you to fly around the map and can be useful for saving time moving between areas in a particularly long practise session.

Image credits: Screenshot via Valve