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Get Weapon Name CS GO

CS:GO name weapon guide

You can add another level of customization to your inventory in CS:GO by using the change name on weapons function in game. It allows you to remove the default name of a weapon, like Bayonet | Rust Coat, and replace it with a customized one by you. Here is how to name your weapon in CS:GO.

CS:GO give weapon name – using a name tag

To name, or rename, weapons, you’ll need to use an in game item called a name tag. You can buy them for $1.50 on BitSkins by clicking here. Weapon tags are a one-use item, so once you’ve named a weapon you’d have to get another name tag to change name on a different gun.

Once you have a name tag, you can use this to get a weapon name for your gun. Select the Inventory option at the top of the CS:GO homepage and then navigate to the weapon you want to change names on. Click on it and choose the Rename option from the drop-down box. This will bring up the screen where you choose what name change you want for your weapon.

CSGO weapon name change

You can also reach this screen by clicking on the name tag in your inventory, and selecting the Use Name Tag option. Then, just find the gun you want to name and click on it, then choose the option Select Item.

At the CS:GO weapon name change screen you then just type your desired name into the box and hit Use Name Tag at the bottom when you are happy.

Now you’ve answered your question of how to name my CS:GO weapon and can create witty gun names until your inventory is full.

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Image credits: Screenshot from Valve