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csgo change hud color command

CS:GO HUD color command guide

Knowing in CS:GO how to change HUD color is a cool way to customize your HUD, as it will not only change the color of the map outline and your money, but also change the color of your health and ammo at the bottom of the screen. There are a bunch of different colors you can use when you change your HUD color in CS:GO, too. Here is our simple guide on how to change the HUD color in console and in the settings.

CS:GO HUD color commands and numbers

First of the two ways you can change the coloring of your HUD is in the console. To do this, simply open up your console on CS:GO and type in this command below:

What comes after this command depends on what color you want your HUD to be. Below are a list of the CS:GO HUD color numbers you can pick from, and the number you use in the console to apply them to your HUD. Simply put the number of the color you like after the command in the box above to change your HUD.

  • White – 1
  • Light blue – 2
  • Dark blue – 3
  • Purple – 4
  • Red – 5
  • Orange – 6
  • Yellow – 7
  • Green – 8
  • Aqua – 9
  • Pink – 10
  • Default – 0

So, for example, if you wanted your HUD to be green like the image below, you’d use this command:

green hud in csgo command
Definitely looks nicer than the default HUD.

Just a note, after pasting the command into your console it won’t show straight away – press escape twice to fix this.

Changing CS:GO HUD color through the game settings

You can also use the CS:GO game settings to change HUD color. If you’re on the homepage of the game, you’ll need to go into Options and then Game Settings. You’ll see about halfway down the page a drop-down menu that allows you to change color of the HUD. Simply select which one you’d like and start a game.

If you’re already in a game, you’ll need to go into Help and Options when you press escape to find the game settings.

Image credits: Screengrab via Valve