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CS:GO Drop Bomb Bind – Easy and quick guide

When you’re in a CS:GO competitive game and you need to drop bomb to somebody else or need to keep it safe, having to manually equip the bomb and press G (which by default is how to drop bomb) is pointlessly long. It is much easier and quicker to set up a drop bomb bind that lets you drop the bomb with a key press, even if you have a weapon equipped. Here are the commands to set up a drop C4 bind.

How to bind drop bomb – simple console command

How to set up a bind on CS:GO is as simple as copying one command into your console. Paste the script below into your console in game to set up a single keybind to drop the C4, no matter what weapon you have out. Make sure you set it to a key you don’t hit by accident. This particular command binds the letter C to dropping the C4.

If you want to change this to a button on your mouse, replace C with:

  • Mouse3 if you want to connect drop C4 to pressing your scroll wheel.
  • Mouse4 if you want to drop bomb when you hit your first mouse button – provided you have a mouse with two extra buttons on the side.
  • Mouse5 for the back mouse button.

You’ll find having a bind drop C4 setup will actually come in useful much more frequently than you’d think in games, and can make the difference between winning rounds by saving those few seconds.

Image credits: Screenshot from Valve