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Csgo how to bind toggle r_drawothermodels

Binds to toggle drawothermodels CS:GO on and off

The command in CS:GO, drawothermodels, allows you to see the shapes of objects through walls on servers with sv_cheats enabled. This can be a fun way to mess around with friends on private servers, but remember that because it needs cheats enabled you can’t use CS:GO drawothermodels on a live match of CS. Here are a couple of quick console commands to activate r_drawothermodels, and how to set up a bind to toggle it.

The basic command: Turn CS:GO drawothermodels on or off

To turn the command on, you’ll first need to be on a private server with cheats enabled. To do this, just paste the command in the box below into your console.

Now that cheats are on, you just need to copy the next command into your developer’s console and you’ll be able to see your enemies and team through walls should they be close enough.

To return to your usual view and bring back the competitive integrity, use the command underneath to turn off draw other models in CS:GO.

How to bind toggle CS:GO draw other models

It’s super simple to set up a bind that can toggle r_drawothermodels on or off, meaning you can save the hassle of having to type out a particularly long command by just pressing one key instead. The example below will bind this action to the letter J on your keyboard, but you can change this to whatever key suits your needs.

Now, just by pressing J, you will be able to toggle seeing people through the walls, so long as the server has cheats enabled.

Image Credits: Valve