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All CS GO Weapon Codes

All CSGO weapons have a unique ID that is used in console commands, such as giving weapons. These weapon IDs can be different to the name of the gun in game, so we compiled a CS GO weapon IDs list to allow you to find all weapon codes in one centralized place.

To spawn these weapons in game, simply put the word give before these codes. So spawning an AK would look like give weapon_ak47. You need to have cheats enabled to do this, though.

Rifle codes

AK-47 – weapon_ak47
M4A1-S – weapon_m4a1_silencer
M4A4 – weapon_m4a1
AWP – weapon_awp
SSG 08 (Scout) – weapon_ssg08
SG 553 (Krieg) – weapon_sg556
AUG – weapon_aug
Galil – weapon_galilar
FAMAS – weapon_ famas
SCAR 20 (CT Auto Sniper) – weapon_scar20
G3SG1 (T Auto Sniper) – weapon_g3sg1

Pistol codes

Glock-18 – weapon_glock
USP-S – weapon _usp_silencer
P2000 – weapon_hkp2000
P250 – weapon_p250
Dual Berettas (Dualies) – weapon_elite
Tec-9 – weapon_tec9
Five-SeveN – weapon_fiveseven
CZ75-Auto – weapon_cz75a
Desert Eagle – weapon_deagle
R8 Revolver – weapon_revolver

SMG codes

MAC-10 – weapon_mac10
MP9 – weapon_mp9
UMP-45 – weapon_ump45
PP-Bizon – weapon_bizon
MP7 – weapon_mp7
P90 – weapon_p90

Shotguns and heavy weapons codes

Nova – weapon_nova
Sawed-off – weapon_sawedoff
MAG-7 – weapon_mag7
XM1014 (Auto-Shotgun) – weapon_xm1014
Negev – weapon_negev
M249 (Why are you looking for this awful weapon?) – weapon_m249

Grenade codes

Decoy grenade – weapon_decoy
Flashbang grenade – weapon_flashbang
Smoke grenade – weapon_smokegrenade
HE grenade (Frag grenade, “Kobe!”) – weapon_hegrenade
Molotov (T Side) – weapon_ molotov
Incendiary grenade (CT Side) – weapon_incgrenade

Image credit: Valve